THANK YOU to everyone who pledged to support the campaign for the Second Edition of Articulate Sex!

PAX Aus 2015 - Multiple Nergasm!

PAX Aus 2015

A Kickstarter campaign was launched on 24 October 2015 to crowd fund a Second Edition of Articulate Sex.


Unfortunately, the decision was made to defer this campaign for the time being.


The campaign was a wonderful experience with many people contributing to the project. The game creator also attended PAX Aus 2015 and Sexpo 2015, both in Melbourne, to showcase Articulate Sex. A lot of wonderful feedback was received from board game players, creators, and reviewers. It was during these conversations that it was realised the things that would be done differently when planning another campaign, including the importance of more marketing and networking.


In the mean time the First Edition Revised is available for purchase on the Game Crafter website.


The official Articulate Sex unisex T-SHIRT! Thanks Estella

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