Articulate Sex game playthrough

Special thanks to Sean, Arthur, Gerard and Cameron!

Each card consists of words in six categories:

  • Object - anything physical used for sex or to create arousal.
  • Action - sex activities or positions.
  • World location - places where adults have sex or go to find sex.
  • Person - porn stars, sex symbols, influential people, or people types.
  • Nature - human physiology, emotions, and psychology.
  • Random - anything related to sex!

The words in this game aim to be inclusive of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Only commonly legal activities are included.




Getting started:
First get into teams of two (or more) people. Then on your turn, roll the dice to pick a category. One team member draws a card and describes the word from that category to their team mate(s).


Once they start talking, the rest of the team have 30 seconds to guess the word. After a correct guess, move quickly to another card and the team mate(s) need to guess the new word from the same category. When the time runs out, the turn moves to the next team.



You cannot say the word, or any part of it, or "sounds like", "rhymes with" or "starts with the letter" clues. If you get stuck you can "go celibate" and pass up to two cards, after which you must return to the cards you have passed.


On the 5th card reached (so cards 5, 10, 15 and 20), stop the timer and call out "Orgy"! Instead of rolling the dice, describe the word with the heart next to it. An orgy is not timed.


Your team mate(s) and the opposing team(s) all join in and try to guess the word. If the other team guess it first, then your turn ends, and the game continues to the next team. However, if your team mate(s) guess the word first then your team wins the orgy card and gets to roll for a new category and have another 30 second turn.


How to win:
Collect all the cards that your team guesses correctly. The first team to collect 20 cards, including their final 20th card as an orgy, are the WINNERS!

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