Articulate Sex is a fun and educational sex themed adult word game!

​Articulate Sex is an adult game that consists of 1000+ words related to sex. Challenge your friends’ knowledge about sex and how well they can describe it!

A quick game playthrough highlights video is now online! 6 minutes

Another quick game playthrough highlights video! 3 minutes 30 seconds

This is a social game perfect for parties or a great gift for engagements, weddings, or 18th, 30th, or 50th birthdays! It is also an essential resource for educators, health workers, and those looking to broaden their horizons.
Articulate Sex aims to increase people's awareness, understanding and enjoyment of sex in its many forms. When playing this game people will hopefully find it easier to talk about sex, which is also an important topic of public health and psychosocial wellbeing.

Articulate Sex is now a recognised board game on!

How to play instruction cards are included inside the pack and on this website. The game has been designed to integrate with other word based board games, such as Articulate!, Balderdash, and Taboo.

Articulate Sex (First Edition Revised) contents: 165+ game cards, instruction cards, custom die, and two storage boxes.

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